Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pre-order the stream of Anyone but Celtic for just £3.87

That link there will take you to the stream of Anyone but Celtic on Vimeo where you can pre-order it.

The updated book (above) I just finished today. It has a new chapter in it that comes from a sit down I had with the primary source of the book last week. They essentially talked about the last two years or where the book left off.

The DVD is being polished just now and will be out the first week in August as well.

You can pre-order the updated book and DVD here

This essentially draws a line under the project.

Someone asked me on Twitter what these projects have actually achieved? That is not for me to answer, that is for the public.

The gratifying thing about ABC was telling Celtic supporters they were not paranoid enough and having the evidence to back that up.

Onwards to, er, Armageddon.

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